Bailey & Pluto in Business

Since becoming agents for Pluto and Bailey, we collaborated with them in setting up their contact information and creating business cards to promote their new careers in show-business. This is the result:

Bailey & Pluto business card

The kitties will be big stars in no time! We’ll have to start advertising the Steadfast Sleuths agency soon as well. Let’s take on the 21st century and all it has to offer!

Cats on TV?

While we were watching TV at Katie and Dana’s apartment, we finally found Pluto and Bailey! A commercial for cat food came on, and Pluto and Bailey were the main spokeskitties. It was such a strange sensation to see your cats on TV, but apparently that is common in 2015 with the plethora of shows that air nowadays. Have a listen in to see what happens next!

The Steadfast Sleuths went to the studio and found that our kitties were the stars of the cat food! It is mind-boggling that in 2015 cats can be big movie stars, but we don’t mind, as long as they keep getting the big bucks! We have decided to stay in 2015 for the time being (and because Sasha forgets where the glowing thingy is). We will take over as agents for Pluto and Bailey, and continue sleuthing in the 21st century! I guess it’s another successful case for the Steadfast Sleuths!

Conversation with Lily

We were able to track down this mysterious cat Lily and have a chat with her. She wasn’t very helpful though.

She had not idea where Pluto and Bailey had got to. Interesting enough though, Lily’s owners were sisters named Katherine and Dana James. These sisters happen to be the daughters of Emma James, my biological daughter. So that was a strange coincidence and also incredibly strange meeting my grandchildren, who were around the same age as myself. I hope we find Bailey and Pluto sooner rather than later, because I am not sure how much more of this strange time travel phenomenon I can handle.

A Letter Found


We found a letter on the street not far from where we came through the time portal from Bailey and Pluto: letter from the kitties


We are happy to know they are alive, but we still have no idea where they could be. We need to locate this cat named Lily, before they kill each other over trying to win her affection.

Time Travel

The steadfast Sleuths hit the streets this week to try to find their missing cats: Pluto and Bailey. While there was no sign of the cats, we did find something very strange. There was a glowing thingy near the office, so naturally we decided to investigate it. What happened next was insane! Luckily we recorded the whole situation!

We always thought time travel was impossible, but there we were confronted by a stranger who said it was 2015. Everyone we know from the 1950s will be really old now! We have no idea why there was a glowing thing that sent us to 2015, but we are still very determined to find Pluto and Bailey. We must have sounded very strange to the lady we talked to on the street! However, the search for our cats will continue, even through time!

Pluto and Bailey are Missing

The Steadfast Sleuths have a new mystery to solve! Shelley’s cat Pluto and Sarah’s cat Bailey are both missing. These cats play an important role in all three of the sleuths’ lives, so it is imperative that they are found. To that end, they have placed missing posters in the areas near their office and home, but no luck so far.

poster on campus 1 poster on campus 2

Here is the poster up close:

lost cat poster

As the poster says, if anyone finds the cats or knows anything about their whereabouts, they should contact the Steadfast Sleuths immediately!

Mills vs. Jack

The Steadfast Sleuths were in trouble! Sasha went up to the roof where she found her evil twin sister Shannon Mills! Shelley and Sarah followed her, and what happened next is almost unbelievable. Luckily the whole thing was recorded, so everyone will know what happened:

As it turns out, Jack was behind the theft of Noir-y, but it was Shannon Mills who poisoned Sarah and tried to throw Sarah and Shelley off the roof! Lucky Shelley’s brother Matt was there to save them all! Jack/Matt will need to get some help in coping with his different personalities, but it looks like the Steadfast Sleuths have all come out of this relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, Shannon took a dive off an eight-story building. The police will have to agree that it was in self-defense, though. The Steadfast Sleuths have solved their third case together, with the help of Matt!

A Little Help from Emma



Emma greets Sasha

Sasha Kellogg was hanging around the agency the other day when she ran into Emma in front of the office. Sasha asked Emma what she was doing there and Emma began telling her a story of how she had stopped by to visit The Steadfast Sleuths and there had been a woman here who looked a lot like Sasha, but looked a little more crazy and didn’t have as pretty clothes.

Emma is actually helpful

Sasha asked her about what the woman had said. Emma told Sasha that this woman had been really mysterious and was trying to go to the roof of the building to throw a surprise party and gave her an ice cream sandwich not to tell anyone. But Emma felt bad keeping a secret from The Steadfast Sleuths, so she had to tell Sasha the truth.  Sasha told Emma to stay there and not go anywhere and headed straight for the roof.


Emma messes up again

Not long after that, Shelley and I showed up at the office after getting dinner together and saw Emma there looking really scared. She told us what had happened with Shelley and we immediately ran to the roof and asked her why she hadn’t called us. But she just shrugged and continued to eat her ice cream.


Case Meeting

This week has yielded little in the Jack case. The Steadfast Sleuths are still shocked about Shannon Mills’ escape, and there have been no new revelations on who Jack is or where he is right now. We met this afternoon to recap the case so far, but it is not looking like it will be solved soon. Here is the recorded meeting:

There are so many unanswered questions here! We will need a big break in the case soon, or the trail might get cold and we will never know exactly who Jack is. Also, we now need to look out for Shannon Mills because she has tried to kill Sasha in the past and we think she may try again. As for Shelley’s brother, all we know is that he is alive (which is great news for her because she thought he went down with the Titanic), but we don’t have too much information there either. It seems that there are so many other things going on in our lives that it is very hard to focus on the Jack case right now! However, we are the Steadfast Sleuths, and we will do our best to live up to our name and not let our personal issues get in the way of business.