Shelley Layton

The senior investigator of the Steadfast Sleuths is Shelley Layton. She started off her sleuthing career when she was studying criminal justice and psychology at the University of London. As Shelley studied, she became increasingly interested in the reasoning of the minds of criminals and began a campus detective agency to accept cases from fellow students. After graduating, Shelley ran her own private investigator service for a couple of years and then accepted a job as a criminal justice professor at her alma mater. After a few years, Shelley then moved to the United States for personal reasons and settled down in Los AngelesĀ on her own before meeting Sasha and Sarah and moving to San Francisco to work as part of their agency, the Steadfast Sleuths. Shelley is happy to be part of a group who shares a passion for investigating.

sarah mustard profile 2

Sarah Mustard is almost as experienced as Shelley. Sarah began her career as an editor of her high school newspaper in Hartford, Connecticut, where she gained experience digging up dirt on others around her for writing purposes. In her spare time, Sarah worked as a waitress at Peacock’s Diner throughout high school where she learned her people skills. After high school, Sarah decided the west coast would be the place for her and she picked up and moved to Los Angeles where she spent the next nine years working as an associate private investigator at Dawson & Dawson Inc. Sarah is now excited to be working in her own agency with Shelley and Sasha doing the work she enjoys best.

sasha kellogg

Sasha Kellogg is the junior detective of the Steadfast Sleuths. She grew up in Battle Creek Michigan, but after years of working there decided to move to Los Angeles to find her calling. In LA she worked as a part time secretary for Dawson & Dawson Inc. where she met Sarah Mustard and made her first venture into private investigating. After one year, Sasha moved to San Francisco where she took a secretary job at the San Francisco Chronicle. In the daytime, Sasha still works there as a secretary, but is elated to spend her free time immersed in the world of detecting as part of the Steadfast Sleuths.