A DKC Unicorn Mascot?

Today the Steadfast Sleuths uncovered some photos of what appear to be an old mascot of the DKC. This mascot is a unicorn named Noir-y, and he seems very excited to advertize for the DKC, and for the ITCC in general:

noiry 1noiry 5noiry 3noiry 6

These pictures seem to be taken a while ago, because there are no other people in the ITCC with him. Maybe this was back when the ITCC just opened and people didn’t visit all the cool rooms in it. This seems like the perfect mascot for the DKC! He is so enthusiastic and unicorns are natural mascots. However, Noir-y must have gone missing shortly after these pictures were taken, because we also discovered this image:

noiry 7

This was clearly taken in the DKC, and points to another crime: someone stole the DKC mascot! We have no idea who would do such a thing, but it is clear that whoever put that notice on the screen thinks Noir-y was stolen. The Steadfast Sleuths are working hard to figure out who did it. We were wondering if the strain of not having this perky mascot around is why the ds106 teachers sometimes seem agitated. We were also wondering how the mysterious Jack fit into this crime, if at all.

One thought on “A DKC Unicorn Mascot?

  1. I love your pictures and your lovely Unicorn doll! 🙂 I especially like the last picture that you photoshop on to the screen.

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