A Little Help from Emma



Emma greets Sasha

Sasha Kellogg was hanging around the agency the other day when she ran into Emma in front of the office. Sasha asked Emma what she was doing there and Emma began telling her a story of how she had stopped by to visit The Steadfast Sleuths and there had been a woman here who looked a lot like Sasha, but looked a little more crazy and didn’t have as pretty clothes.

Emma is actually helpful

Sasha asked her about what the woman had said. Emma told Sasha that this woman had been really mysterious and was trying to go to the roof of the building to throw a surprise party and gave her an ice cream sandwich not to tell anyone. But Emma felt bad keeping a secret from The Steadfast Sleuths, so she had to tell Sasha the truth.  Sasha told Emma to stay there and not go anywhere and headed straight for the roof.


Emma messes up again

Not long after that, Shelley and I showed up at the office after getting dinner together and saw Emma there looking really scared. She told us what had happened with Shelley and we immediately ran to the roof and asked her why she hadn’t called us. But she just shrugged and continued to eat her ice cream.


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