Audio Recordings from Jack

We began digging into information on this Jack character. So while Sasha found numerous photographs linking Jack as an agent at noir106,  I uncovered some old voicemail recordings that from Jack that were left for the other agents in noir106  over a 24 hour span. They all relate to Noir-y’s disappearance. It seems Jack has some information about them.

These are very suspicious. For one thing, Jack tells everyone that he is on their side, so whose side is he actually on? Maybe just his own. It appears to me that Jack is trying to turn the noir106 agency against each other. In one message he is trying to get Burtis to turn on Groom and Bond and the other two he is pinning Bond and Groom against Burtis. But if you ask me, Jack seems to have a little too much information on the whereabouts of Noir-y. I suspect Jack was the one who actually took Noir-y and was trying to frame Burits to try and turn the agency against each other so he could gain power.

I think this is why the agents none of the agents are willing to talk about the incident. They don’t want to admit that they were fooled by Jack. I suspect that Burtis quickly confronted Groom and Bond after Jack’s message and  they were then able to resolve the conflict (after some awkwardness I’m sure). No doubt they immediately kicked Jack out of the agency after this incident.  No word on whether or not Noir-y was found, but these recordings definitely lead me to believe that Jack was the culprit. Hopefully, if we can locate Jack we can also locate Noir-y.

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