Cats on TV?

While we were watching TV at Katie and Dana’s apartment, we finally found Pluto and Bailey! A commercial for cat food came on, and Pluto and Bailey were the main spokeskitties. It was such a strange sensation to see your cats on TV, but apparently that is common in 2015 with the plethora of shows that air nowadays. Have a listen in to see what happens next!

The Steadfast Sleuths went to the studio and found that our kitties were the stars of the cat food! It is mind-boggling that in 2015 cats can be big movie stars, but we don’t mind, as long as they keep getting the big bucks! We have decided to stay in 2015 for the time being (and because Sasha forgets where the glowing thingy is). We will take over as agents for Pluto and Bailey, and continue sleuthing in the 21st century! I guess it’s another successful case for the Steadfast Sleuths!

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