Mills vs. Jack

The Steadfast Sleuths were in trouble! Sasha went up to the roof where she found her evil twin sister Shannon Mills! Shelley and Sarah followed her, and what happened next is almost unbelievable. Luckily the whole thing was recorded, so everyone will know what happened:

As it turns out, Jack was behind the theft of Noir-y, but it was Shannon Mills who poisoned Sarah and tried to throw Sarah and Shelley off the roof! Lucky Shelley’s brother Matt was there to save them all! Jack/Matt will need to get some help in coping with his different personalities, but it looks like the Steadfast Sleuths have all come out of this relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, Shannon took a dive off an eight-story building. The police will have to agree that it was in self-defense, though. The Steadfast Sleuths have solved their third case together, with the help of Matt!

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