Old Photos and New Information

Sasha Kellogg’s long day of sifting through old pictures of the ITCC definitely paid off! Earlier, she found some evidence of a DKC mascot that went missing, which still may be tangent to the rest of the case. However, here is a photo that definitively ties Jack to the DKC (or at least to the ITCC):

Jack sighted in itcc

It seems to be nighttime at the ITCC  (night seems to happen a lot in our noir world) when someone took a picture of Jack leaning casually against a wall. You cannot see Jack’s face, so we cannot tell who he is, but he is definitely wearing an ID card (as indicated by the red arrow). The Steadfast Sleuths do not know how long ago this picture was taken, but at least there is some hard evidence that Jack exists (and the noir106 teachers aren’t making him up). After some hard core image enhancing, the three sleuths were able to read Jack’s ID card:

Jacks ID cardUnfortunately, Jack’s picture is still not helpful in identifying who he is because he always stands in the shadows with his hat pulled down. However, this discovery is useful because under his image the card reads “Noir106 Agency.” This is definitive proof that Jack was at one time part of the noir106 agency. Others in this agency include Burtis, Bond, Groom, and Black. Either Jack is a super secret member of their group, or Burtis has been lying when she says (and I quote) “He is unknown to me (of course).” We posit that he is either a current or former member of their agency that prefers to stay in the shadows instead of teaching students how to use media. We also posit that if he was at one time a member of the agency, then at least one other person in the agency must know who he is.

Jack HylanIn this research stage of the investigation, the Steadfast Sleuths took some time to double check some information about the case, namely the title “You don’t know Jack.” This may be some more tangential information, but there is someone with a blog titled “You don’t know Jack.” This seems to be Jack Hylan’s blog site (image left), and he seems to be a recent UMW graduate (as of January 2015). At this time, we are not sure if he is the Jack we are looking for. He certainly doesn’t look like the dark shadowy figure we have come to expect, but as we were told in the case file, “things are not always as they seem.” In addition to this blog, “You don’t know Jack” is the title of a movie about assisted suicide, a series of trivia video games (and books related to the games), and a short-lived TV series on ABC in the Summer of 2001. None of these seems to be related to the Jack from the picture, but we like to have our bases covered just in case.

Additionally, some sleuthing on Twitter shows that Jack has a Twitter page! He is @jackagentds106 and so far he has not responded to our attempts at contacting him. Jack follows Burtis, Bond, Groom, and Black on Twitter, and BURTIS FOLLOWS HIM BACK! He has only Tweeted once, but we are monitoring him. Mostly, we are tired of this feigned ignorance act from Burtis, because clearly they follow each other on Twitter and he was in their agency at one time. Her act is a ram-shod attempt at covering something diabolical, and the Steadfast Sleuths will get to the bottom of it!

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