Sarah Mustard is Poisoned

The Steadfast Sleuths recently received the case to figure out who this mysterious Jack character is and what was his history with the noir106 professors. That night after discussing the case, Sarah, Sasha and Shelley went out to dinner together. Sarah and Shelley ordered the special immediately, while Sasha asked for a menu. When their food came, Shelley hadn’t realized that there were brussel sprouts as a part of the meal, which she is allergic to, so she didn’t touch them. Sarah cleaned her plate, however. All was well, the three of them finished their dinner and went back to Sarah’s apartment where Sasha and Shelley were still staying. Not long after, Sarah suddenly fell ill and was taken to the hospital. Thankfully, Sarah pulled through, but her doctors told her that her brussel sprouts had been poisoned.

The Steadfast Sleuths were shocked.

Sarah Mustard was mysteriously poisoned the day that The Steadfast Sleuths were assigned the case about Jack. Coincidence? In our line of work, there are no coincidences.

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