Shannon Mills is on the Loose!

As the second week into our investigation begins, we are not much closer to finding Jack. We suspect that he poisoned Sarah (who is doing fine, by the way), we are pretty sure he stole Noir-y the Unicorn mascot and was kicked out of the Noir106 Agency, and we almost caught up with him at the Multicultural Fair. We still have no idea about his identity and motivations behind his bizarre actions. However, there is a twist in the plot as of this morning. Shannon Mills, the evil twin sister of Sasha Kellogg has escaped from prison!

shannon escaped

Our last encounter with Shannon Mills ended in Sasha’s apartment burning down and William James dying in the fire. What is worse is that she has been on the loose for over a week now, and nobody knew it! The security guard who she seduced and coerced to help her escape was able to cover her escape for so long! We do not have any evidence that Shannon is in the area, but we are sure she will want revenge on the Steadfast Sleuths (especially Sasha). Please contact the police if you have any information regarding Shannon Mills. Let’s hope she is not connected to the Jack case, and let’s hope she is caught soon!

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